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James Carse wrote a brilliant book called The Infinite Game. In it, he points out there are two types of games.

First, he describes finite games. Most of us are quite familiar with finite games since we play them all the time. Basketball is a finite game. Racing someone to get on the freeway is a finite game.

Finite games have rules, boundaries, winners and losers.

There's a second type of game: the infinite game.

The infinite game doesn't have rules, boundaries, winners or losers. Instead, you play the game to keep playing.

When you're playing catch with a six-year-old, you don't throw the ball as hard as you can in hopes that he quits. No, you throw the ball in the air in hopes that he will catch it and, maybe, throw it back.

Too often, we think that someone has to lose in order for us to win. But we're wrong. Because that not the type of game we want to play.

At Pivot Adventure Co., students learn the difference between these two types of games and decide what kind of game they want to play going forward.

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