• An adventure therapy course designed to help adolescents overcome life's challenges

    Most programs will focus on changing the habits in order to change the behavior. At Pivot Adventure Co., we believe in taking it a step further. Change the internal narrative, the story we tell ourselves and how we see the world and then, you have a reason to change the habits that will lead to a change in behavior.








  • What students learn

    Students will participate in at least one adventure activity for 12 weeks. Participants explore a wide range of topics including Resistance, improving communication, strengthening connection, increasing self-worth, developing courage and the ability to do hard things.


    This is a practical, solution focused course with carefully curated resources. Pivot Adventure Co. is a life changing experience, your time is spent leveling up. Click through and see some of the principles students learn.

    Broken escalator

    We're stuck. We call for help and wait to be rescued. Too often, we are unable to see that we can just use the the escalator as stairs. Sure, it isn't as convenient but that's not how life is.

    The Resistance

    Discursive thoughts are like an emergency alert system. They flash through our mind over and over again, incessantly. A broken record, stuck on repeat. This Resistance, that voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough, subverts us from doing our best work and from living the life we deserve.


    Roger Bannister, 1954

    Historic sub 4-minute mile

    Dance with the fear

    Our fear is never going away. It's in our biology. It's what has kept us alive for thousands of years. We don't run from saber tooth tigers anymore. Yet, this is how our brain is still wired. If we can't make it go away, we must learn to dance with it. We use adventure activities to place students in an environment to learn the difference between real risk and perceived risk. Students learn to respond to these situations rather than react to stress.


    Neil Armstrong, 1969

    First person to walk on the moon

    The infinite game

    There are two types of games. Finite games have rules, boundaries, a winner and a loser. We are used to finite games like basketball or racing someone to get on the freeway. There is a second type of game: the infinite game. You play the infinite game to keep playing.


    Nelson Mandela, 1994

    Philanthropist and Nobel Prize Winner

    What happened at Solvay?

    In 1927, the Solvay Congress in Brussels assembled 29 physicists including Heisenberg, Einstein, Curie and Bohr. Seventeen people in this photo won the Nobel Prize in Physics. But many of these people won the Nobel Prize after the conference was held. They didn’t get invited because they had won the Nobel Prize. They won the Nobel Prize because they got invited.


    The Solvay Conference, 1927

    17 out of the 29 attendees became Nobel Prize winners

    Make better art

    When life is falling apart, make better art. Our students learn to become artists. Not the skill of putting paint on a canvas. No, the emotional labor it takes to make a connection.

    How will you measure your life?

    Too often, we use grades or the number of "likes" to determine our self-worth. Why? Because it's easy to measure. Students learn they can choose to measure themselves differently:

    • Did I help someone accomplish something I could never do?
    • Did I do something that I was afraid to do?
    • Did I help someone see the world as it is?
    • Did I help someone that needs to be helped?
    • Did I make something that needs to be made?

  • Adventure Activities

    Students participate in at least one adventure activity for 12 weeks around their school schedule.

    No need to be taken out of school or other important activities to participate.














  • Since 2016, the number of adolescents who experienced at least one major depressive episode has leapt by 60%.

    Pivot Adventure is not for everyone, but it might be for you.

    Cost: $420

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