Build resiliency

    There are no maps to live a life of joy and meaning. What we need is a compass. We help teens develop that compass to navigate through life's challenges.





  • Develop your compass

    There's no growth in comfort zones and no comfort in growing zones.




    All highly resilient people have one common characteristic. When adversity comes they have the ability to say, "The story I am telling myself is..." When we can reframe adversity and turn it into a learning experience, our quality of life improves.




    Our environment controls so much of our daily decision making. If we can change the environment, we can change behavior. External conditions are too powerful to change on our own. Without guidance, this process can take years of trial-and-error.


    Conflicts of


    Opposing forces within ourselves and in our environments stand in the way of making deep and meaningful change. Pivot Adventure accelerates this personal transformation for teenagers and their families by providing a deep view of change.

  • Eight adventure classes. No need to be taken out of school to participate.

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  • "Josh has extensive experience working with troubled, challenged, and at-risk young people and has had remarkable success with many of those youth, helping them from dark, dangerous, or dead-end conditions to places where they take control and responsibility for themselves and their actions."

    - Bart H.

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    "The kind of people you want in your life, professionally and personally...my time with them is always uplifting, positive and inspiring."

    - Lauren J.

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    "The young man had no interest in doing this hike, but after the hike the boy felt proud for what he had accomplished. This was a complete change in attitude for this particular young man."

    - Ben L.

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    "Excellent guides...They taught me proper techniques and gave me feedback on how to ride safely. Most of all they were patient and encouraging. My confidence and skill level increased throughout the ride so that by the end I felt comfortable navigating obstacles on my own."

    - Carma E.

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    "Down to earth and honest people, great at what they do."

    - Makayla H.

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    "Amazing people who are passionate about helping others to reach toward their full potential."

    - Brady B.

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    "Making such a difference in people's lives!"

    - Hyrum L.

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    "They truly care about helping others and responded to all my requests quickly. I highly recommend them!"

    - Brendan H.

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    "Insistent and non-compromising with safety. Josh will take young people to their personal limits without exposing them to danger. Pivot Adventure Co. is a cutting-edge, superbly researched course staffed by experienced individuals who can truly make a positive change in the lives of our up-and-coming generation."

    - Bart H.

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    "Best kind of people...very sincere in their desire to help the community one client at a time."

    - Andy T.

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    "I've had experience in the past working in youth therapy programs and understand how valuable but also expensive they can be. What Josh and Katie are doing with Pivot is awesome. They bring years of combined adventure/therapeutic experience to create a safe, professional and affordable program."

    - Chris C.

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