• Now hiring Guides for Spring and Summer season.

    Position Description:


    Fear will never go away. It's part of our biology. We must learn to dance with it. Pivot Adventure helps students to become more resilient in an increasingly complicated world. We help students find their voice and develop a new posture: "People like us do stuff like this." Pivot Adventure helps develop students’ internal narratives about themselves and how they see the world through resiliency training. When we take adversity and turn it into a learning experience, our quality of life improves. Most of our students are 12 to 15-years-old who struggle with depression, anxiety, isolation, and suicide ideation.


    Position Requirements:

    • Must have a clean criminal background check, pass a drug screening, a Utah valid driver’s license (within 30 days of employment), and a good driving record. Experience driving a 15-passenger van is preferred.
    • Previous experience working in wilderness therapy or recreation therapy with clients in a wilderness setting is a bonus.
    • Must obtain First Aid & CPR certifications.
    • Climbing guides must have at least 12 months of outdoor climbing experience. Ability to comfortably lead 5.9 sport climbs outside. Preferred to have led a minimum of 50 traditional routes, most of which should at least be 5.6 and on a variety of rock types.
    • This position is for current, active rock climbers who have a real desire to teach rock climbing to beginners in a single-pitch setting. Certification of Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) from AMGA (or equivalent) is highly preferred. Ability to set a variety of sport climbing anchors using quickdraws, cordalettes, and occasional cams.
    • In addition, this position also leads teenagers in mountain biking activities. Guides with the ability to fix mountain bikes are a plus. Must be able to teach teens basic mountain biking skills and ride green/blue flow trails and tabletops.
    • Great interpersonal skills. The ability to speak Spanish is a bonus. Must be willing to learn the Pivot Adventure Curriculum within 3 months of the hiring date.
    • If funding opportunities allow, Recreation Therapy candidates could potentially develop a Recreation Therapy program from the ground up, including documentation for both private pay and scholarship programs. Set up a goal for students to work on, and use a "theory" and/or a "mode or model" to help them reach that goal. Implement RASP survey for students to track the improvement of the resiliency course. In addition, recruit, train, lead, mentor, and evaluate Recreation Therapy Interns and work as a liaison with local Utah colleges.
    • Ability to stay organized and handle multiple roles and responsibilities at once. Ability to organize and inspect climbing gear and other outdoor gear for safety.
    • Must be able to lift 50 pounds and work in a variety of outdoor settings, including in inclement weather. 95% of this position is outdoor fieldwork.
    • Ability to access risks associated in an outdoor setting with teenagers.
    • Must demonstrate great interpersonal skills. Clear, kind, and professional communicator with co-workers, parents, students, and school districts.
    • Ability to read weather forecasts. Showing up to work on time and prepared for outings with proper attire. Able to communicate to parents and students beforehand about what they need to prepare for that day.
    • Energy to improve programs and innovate. Willingness to try programming that might not work is essential for this position.
    • Quick response to guides, management, and parents. Ability to accept feedback and improve. An excellent level of professionalism is a must. This is a part-time position with room for growth based on the success of Pivot Adventure as a whole. We are a small, local nonprofit looking to make a big impact. This position begins at $20 per hour while on probation (at least 3 months/around 16 shifts to evaluate candidates' fit). Once past evaluation, if a candidate is asked to stay on and has hit all their goals, they will get a pay raise of $1 hour. Sometimes more depending on credentials/experience. Yearly raises subsequently after. Position hours vary. In general, programs run from April 1st until Halloween on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and every other Friday. This position mostly works evenings from 2:30 pm - 8:30 pm in the spring and fall. Summer programs operate in the morning from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. All guides are expected to work a minimum of 2-3 shifts per week with an average of around 15 hours.
    • If interested, send us an email to Josh Allred (Co-Founder) at leap@pivotadventure.com with your resume and a short blurb about yourself and why you are interested in the position. Include the recent projects you have worked on, a recent failure you have had, your proudest moments, some books you are currently reading, and what have you learned that you would like to pass on to someone else.