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  • Pivot Adventure is a 501(c)(3), transforming the mental health care system for teens through adventure and resiliency training.

    There is no map. No step-by-step set of instructions to live a life of happiness. What we need is a compass. Pivot Adventure offers a resiliency training course that helps students develop skills to navigate life's challenges.

    Why Adventure?

    Fear will never go away. It's part of our biology. We must learn to dance with it. Adventures place students in a situation of perceived risk. It's part of the process to change their posture: "People like us do stuff like this."

    Change the narrative

    All highly resilient people have learned to change the story they're telling themselves. When we take adversity and turn it into a learning experience, our quality of life improves.

    Build resiliency

    This isn't counseling. It's not a punishment. It's not grownups telling you how to live your life. ​Pivot Adventure is an opportunity to be seen, to be heard, to become your best self.


  • Adventure activities

    We use the outdoors to inspire students to see a world of possibility, to help them realize their potential.

  • What alumni are saying

  • "Josh has extensive experience working with troubled, challenged, and at-risk young people and has had remarkable success with many of those youth, helping them from dark, dangerous, or dead-end conditions to places where they take control and responsibility for themselves and their actions."

    - Bart H.

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    "My daughter (13) has now gone through Pivot twice. Each time, she was incredibly well supported and cared for by her instructors and by the program. In her first session over a year ago, she built confidence and began to come out of a shell that had built up after a big move between states. In her just-completed second session, she gained several great tools for managing emotional swings and seeing the move and COVID and middle school through much more pragmatic and optimistic eyes. Sara, Josh, Katie, and the rest of the Pivot Adventure team were absolutely instrumental in helping her grow and develop new strategies. Highly, highly recommend!"

    - Aaron B.

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    "I cannot say enough great things about this program! I will ALWAYS be grateful for the experiences my kid had had with Pivot. This was our second time with this program and it was awesome, again!! You feel like family and a part of an amazing support group. The last day is the hardest, and happy tears are shed. I look forward to being a part of this program and all the future plans they have to expand in different areas!! Do not hesitate to join, it will be well worth the money and time to be involved, and help overcome obstacles your kid is challenged with! And if anything, you will be adding some amazing people into your life and your kid will meet some great new friends!"

    - Amie L.

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    "Pivot Adventure has helped my son so much in this course. His confidence has increased dramatically. It has been such an adventure to experience this with him and we both have learned so much from Josh and Sara, they are such great leaders and role models to these kids. I love the life lessons that are taught and how me, as an adult, can learn too. The weekly classes and information are very well put together. Thank you!"

    - Scott S.

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    "My son was able to join in the last session with Pivot Adventure. It was such a wonderful experience for him! Josh and Sara were the leaders/guides for this session and did a wonderful job in working with my son and as a group as a whole. As a parent of a teen who struggles with certain issues, we were both able to learn some valuable tools. They are professional, kind, authentic, and sincere. We had looked for other outdoor guide/youth mentoring options for the valley and this was by far an exceptional experience. My son gained friends, learned to trust himself in a more unique way, and be a part of a diverse learning environment that supports growth. As a parent, I felt supported and too learned some good communication skills to work on. Thank you Pivot Adventure Team!"

    - Shannon G.

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    "We are so happy to have found this course for our child! It has provided an avenue for him to express his emotions and gain confidence in his abilities and develop new strengths. The guides are attentive and supportive of each child's needs. We highly recommend participation in this program."

    - Jason G.

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    "I've gone through the course with Josh and Sara, but I could easily go again and again. Though Pivot is aimed at youth who feel stuck or trapped in life, I absolutely think anyone and everyone could benefit. Besides having professional experience working with people in a therapeutic and goal-oriented setting, Josh and Sara are kind and genuinely care about helping you get to where you want to be. The course material is easy to understand and extremely relevant in all walks of life, and the outdoor adventure aspect makes great talking points to go over where you're feeling frustrated, what you can accomplish, and how to cope with stress, among lots of other things. I'd recommend Pivot Adventure to anybody."

    - Samantha C.

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    "Insistent and non-compromising with safety. Josh will take young people to their personal limits without exposing them to danger. Pivot Adventure Co. is a cutting-edge, superbly researched course staffed by experienced individuals who can truly make a positive change in the lives of our up-and-coming generation."

    - Bart H.

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    "My daughter just completed her first Pivot Adventure with Katie and Sarah they are the best! I have seen a difference in her communication and how she can evaluate a situation and use what she has learned from this program."

    - Cee M.

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    "I've had experience in the past working in youth therapy programs and understand how valuable but also expensive they can be. What Josh and Katie are doing with Pivot is awesome. They bring years of combined adventure/therapeutic experience to create a safe, professional and affordable program."

    - Chris C.

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